From May to July 2023, Sam Wilde collaborated with the coastal municipality of Zhuhai in China to create a series of street art sculptures themed around the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil from the garden of Eden.
In this imaginative rendition of Eden, Sam plays on the tension between the organic and the man-made. Envisioning a world where artificial fertilisers and genetically-modified crops have leaked into the ecosystem and ‘super-charged’ the environment. Causing the fruits and flowers of paradise to undergo a remarkable transformation and proliferate in abundance.

A giant inflatable instillation designed by Sam Wilde made of colourful fruit and flower sculptures.
An archway designed by Sam Wilde made entirely of over-sized playful fruits and flowers.
Palace of Fruits

The exhibition portrays a world where the course of evolution has altered as we know it. A place where the once-pristine beauty of nature has succumb to factors such as population growth, technological advancements and the relentless pursuit of global resources.
Amidst the urban backdrop the instillations create a small oasis of dystopian utopia. Here, new life forms emerge that are neither fully natural nor fully synthetic, but somewhere between the two.
A couple of giant fruit and flower sculptures in a courtyard designed by Sam Wilde as part of a public art exhibition in China.
A huge glowing pineapple sculpture designed by Sam Wilde against a lively urban backdrop.