Reaching high into the heavens, Ascent from Eden imagines a future where Earth's ecosystems have succumbed to a succession of pollution events. A world where oil spills, nuclear meltdowns and chemical contamination have transformed the once verdant ground below into an inhospitable wasteland.
Inspired by the fabled Hanging Gardens of BabylonAscent from Eden plays with the symbolism of nature defying circumstance and prevailing against the odds. Here, a remarkable symbiotic relationship has formed. Evolutionary adaptations within bamboo have caused their stems to channel both sustenance and radiation into the surrounding flora.
Propelling the strange formation to grow ever skyward, in search of new land far away from the soil that once nourished it. The outcome of the journey is unknown, but one thing is certain, there is hope to be found in nature's resilience and ability to adapt.
Ascent from Eden · Kunzite
Ascent from Eden · Opal