According to Chinese mythology, atop a great mountain waterfall cascading down from the heavens, sits the Dragon's Gate of legend.
The tale goes that many koi will attempt the arduous journey of swimming upstream against the current, but few have the perseverance to make it through to the end. Those koi that do so will be faced with one final choice.
To turn back, or make one last leap-of-faith over the mountain top and through the Dragon’s GateForever transforming them into something so much greater than what they were. Transforming them into a dragon from mythos.
Pattern showing vibrant blue koi fish swimming amongst a hand-painted pond world.
Watercolour and mixed media pattern of a blue koi swimming under rippling waves.
Before The Dragon's Gate · Lagoon
Pattern of gold koi fish swimming in a magical painted pond kingdom.
Digital illustration of golden koi swimming in a rich amber pool.
Before The Dragon's Gate · Gilded
Mixed media illustration of a green koi swimming under water amongst painted brush strokes.
Mixed media pattern depicting a green koi swimming through abstract aquatic plant life.
Before The Dragon's Gate · Fen