Based on an ancient Japanese fable known as Temple of the Ocean King. Between Land & Sea depicts the elusive giant oarfish racing along torrents of water, in what will be their final plight to warn humanity of impending disaster.

Measuring over fifteen metres in length, the giant oarfish is the world’s longest bony fish. Given their nearly unfathomable size, it isn’t too far fetched to wonder whether pirates and sailors of times gone by, may have mistook sickly giant oarfish that had come to the surface for the fearsome sea serpents of legends.

The fable tells of the Ocean King sending his sea monster messengers to earthly shores, in a final sacrifice and omen of impending natural disaster. For centuries giant oarfish appearing before natural disasters has been a well-documented occurrence. In the week before the 2011 Fukushima tsunami, there were twenty two confirmed sightings of beached giant oarfish found throughout the islands of Japan.

Digital illustration of a blue square silk scarf depicting a lively ocean scene with giant oarfish.
Illustration of a squid and starfish jumping out of a cresting wave in cool-tone colours.
Drawing of a giant yellow pacific octopus emerging from a clam shell beneath the ocean.
Between Land & Sea · Daybreak
Square illustration of a red scarf design depicting the moon, ocean, tidal waves and sea life.
Fine art drawing of a red crab, hammerhead shark and starfish riding a  cresting tidal wave at dusk.
Drawing of a giant oarfish with a large red crested fin swimming upwards towards the surface.
Between Land & Sea · Eventide
Monochromatic black and white illustration of a lively ocean scene with giant sea life.
Drawing of two giant oarfish jumping out of the oceans surface in front of a bright full moon.
Between Land & Sea · Midnight