Queqiao or The Bridge of Magpies is an ancient fable from Chinese mythology dating back over 2,600 years. The story goes that the daughter of heaven Vega, fell madly in love with a simple farmer boy Altair, until one day the two were banished to spend the rest of their lives on separate sides of the silver river.

Once a year, on the seventh night of the seventh moon, when their two stars shine brightest at either end of the Milky Way, it is said that all the magpies in the world take pity on them and flock to the heavens, forming a bridge that reunites the two lovers, but only for a fleeting moment.

Rather than rejoice in the rush of a reunion, Between Sea & Sky instead captures the bittersweet moment of separation. As Altair leaves the heavens, descends back down The Bridge of Magpies across the oceans and returns to earth.

Illustration of a flock of glossy blue magpie flying above a turbulent ocean scene.
Digital drawing of a blue finely detailed magpie gliding above a cresting wave.
Fine art illustration of a blue magpie gliding above indigo whirlpools with bright orange waves.
Between Sea & Sky · Deluge
Repeat pattern of golden magpies flying above a deep plum coloured ocean of cresting waves.
Illustration of a metallic gold magpie gliding in the middle of a curling wine coloured wave.
Detailed illustration of a gold magpie bird flying above two swirling deep maroon whirlpools.
Between Sea & Sky · Merlot
A monochromatic black and white illustration of a flock of magpies above the sea.
A black and white fine art drawing of a giant magpie flying above a breaking ocean wave.
A black and white illustration of a large magpie flying above a turbulent ocean.
Between Sea & Sky · Obsidian
Photograph of wallpaper showing an illustration of magpies flying above the ocean.
Work in progress black fine-line sketch showing the development of the magpie sea pattern.
Between Sea & Sky · WIP Art