Sam Wilde collaborated with both the municipals of Wuhan and Taiyuan in China to create a series of street art sculptures themed around the Cheshire Cat from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
Venture down the rabbit hole and into a world of oddities where reality has been flipped on it's head. Here the themes from Wonderland have been reconceptualised, playfully intermixing both familiar and unfamiliar motifs to create a sense of delirium for visitors. 
In this world the cat serves as a spirit guide, and like in Alice, only ever shares a glimpse of its body and never its full form. The flash of its tail, a coy grin, there's an uncanny feeling there's more to the cat's tale bubbling just below the surface.

Cat's Charade · Promo Art
Cat's Charade · Installation Art
Cat's Charade · Concept Art
Cat's Charade · WIP Art