Amongst the fiesta flags, floating fruits and looming cranes, are six troubled species who have been plucked out of existence. The one commonality that ties these frightened animals together, is the simple fact that they all became extinct shortly after being discovered by mankind.
Featured are the likes of Haast’s eagle, the largest eagle ever to have existed. With a wingspan of over three metres it’s commonly acknowledged to have been the very real Pouakai of Maori legend. As well as the elusive Tasmanian tiger, an apex marsupial predator and example of convergent evolution, with many of its physiological features mirroring those of the canine family.
Collectively these species held billions of years worth of unique evolutionary heritage, all of which was erased in a mere matter of decades following over-exploitation by our own species.

Digital illustration of goofy colourful animals suspended in the air hanging from cranes.
Colourful digital art depicting a tiger and eagle wearing shoes suspended in mid-air.
Crane Carnival · Toybox
Digital art showing a manatee, eagle, tiger, penguin, cheetah and ostrich hanging in the night sky.
Illustration of a giant orange ostrich hanging upside down wearing a fetching pair of stilettos.
Crane Carnival · Fiesta
Pattern design of kooky animals, cranes and giant fruits in blush brown colours.
Digital illustration of a brown and yellow cheetah hanging upside down next to a floating melon.
Crane Carnival · Sundown