Sam Wilde was commissioned by the V&A to create an eco-conscious sculpture constructed from umbrellas donated by the TfL Lost Property Office for their Japan: Myths to Manga exhibition.
A commentary on the growing threat of mining exploitation and plastic pollution on the deep sea environment. Deepstaria umbra is a fully mechanised biosynthetic lifeform born from the fusion between a deep sea jellyfish and six discarded umbrellas that floated to the ocean’s floor.
Found in the Midnight Zone at depths below 1,000 feet, Deepstaria umbra lives amongst the sediment plumes of microplastic waste that have been stirred up by deep sea trawlers mining for rare earth metals.
Characterised by a thin umbrella-like membrane, vast gastrovascular cavity and notable lack of tentacles. The striking colouration of its warning markings are hypothesised to be an evolutionary maladaptation stemming from contamination with industrial by-product.
A playful image of a mother and son enjoying a art installation featuring a umbrella sculpture.
Deepstaria umbra · Installation Art
Illustrated concept art with text explaining the lore of a biosynthetic jellyfish sculpture.
Concept art of three hanging umbrella orb sculptures with different patterned designs on each.
Deepstaria umbra · Concept Art
Artist's pov of moodboards, research, sketches and materials for a contemporary art sculpture.