Peer through the garden trellis and discover a world of florescent flora. Introducing The 2nd Pattern Book: Florescence, a collection of fifteen fine art patterns spanning across thirty colourways.

Uncover an enchanted garden enthused with an edge of nuclear radiation. A fabled land that exists beyond time, a place where the seasons occur all at once. An intoxicating spectacle of Florescence, a super bloom in chemical colourations.
A colourful pattern depicting red and blue allium flowers painted in an impressionism style.
Allium Alcove · Dahlia
Allium Alcove · Sweetpea
Berry red floral hydrangea painted pattern with checkerboard backdrop.
Hydrangea Hedgerow · Hibiscus
Hydrangea Hedgerow · Delphinium
Bold multi-coloured floral pattern with a blue garden trellis.

Chrono Corsage · Marigold


Chrono Corsage · Anthurium

Illustrated pattern showing a yellow hermit crab in front of a tiled background surrounded by flowers.
Marvellous Menagerie · Craneflower
A pattern showing a illustrated green and purple snake surrounded by bold flowers.
Marvellous Menagerie · Foxglove
Buzzing Bloom · Periwinkle
Buzzing Bloom · Cosmos
Jamboree Jungle · Palm
Jamboree Jungle · Silverbirch
Floating Fronds · Toadstool
Floating Fronds · Succulent

Orchid Origami · Daisy

Neon coloured abstract orchids covered in strange markings.
Orchid Origami · Nightshade
Pastel coloured summery floral pattern.

Vanilla Vineyard​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ · Orchid

Neon blue floral pattern.
Vanilla Vineyard​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ · Bluestar
Posy Pompons​​​​​​​ · Hyacinth
Collection of spherical flowers in moss green with orange accents against a checkerboard backdrop.
Posy Pompons​​​​​​​ · Bulrush
Pattern of paper passionflowers sitting on a mint green and white tile background.
Paper Passionflowers · Honeysuckle
Bold passionflower pattern with a blue and white checkerboard tile background.
Paper Passionflowers · Iris
Fuubutsushi Forest​​​​​​​ · Sage
Fuubutsushi Forest​​​​​​​ · Pine
Fragrant Fen · Eucalyptus
Fragrant Fen · Cornflower
Autumnal red and orange screen print woodland pattern.
Curious Coppice · Coppertip
Curious Coppice · Willow
Photograph of a hand-painted allium wallpaper in a red and blue colourway.
Photograph of a stylish black cabinet in front of a pea green forest wallpaper.
Printed textile image of red and blue painted alliums printed onto cotton linen