Step foot in the garden of Eden after dark and take a bite. Introducing The 1st Pattern Book: Fruitful, a collection of fifteen fine art patterns spanning across forty-five colourways.

Journey through a poison paradise and marvel at the bounty that swells in abundance. Swirl around the sprouting vines and devour a banquet of forbidden fruits. Bite, bite, bite until Fruitful. Destiny is for the taking.

Digital illustration of neon fruits with thorny stems in bold toxic colours against a black background.
 Baneful Bounty · Liquorice
Illustration of sumptuous green and orange fruits in fresh autumnal colours.
 Baneful Bounty · Artichoke
Pattern in purple wine colours depicting and variety of unusual fruits with thorny stems.
 Baneful Bounty · Plum
3D digital art of floating stripy melons in bold circus colours in front of a black background.
Melon Mirage · Sour Candy
Large 3D patterned melons in green, yellow and red colourway.
Melon Mirage · Kale
A pattern of 3D digital art of shiny caramel coloured melons.
Melon Mirage · Caramel
Digital art depicting low-poly 3D fruits, vegetables and crystals in cool-toned neon colours.
Crystal Cultivation · Spearmint
Digital art depicting low-poly 3D crystal fruits in fiery reds, oranges, yellows and greens.
Crystal Cultivation · Pear
Digital illustration of low-poly crystals and fruits in metallic bronze, silver and gold colours.
Crystal Cultivation · Chocolate Coin
Finely-detailed digital illustration depicting stacks of pineapples in a repeat pattern.
Pineapple Pillars · Lime
Digital illustration showing illustrations of orange pineapples stacked on top of one another.
Pineapple Pillars · Almond
Digital illustration of blue coloured pineapples as part of a repeating pattern.
Pineapple Pillars · Mint
Digital illustration of miniature fruits in neon colours growing out of an endlessly branching tree.
Fruit Forest · Blackberry
Digital illustration of a variety of fruits in a half-drop repeat pattern against a blue backdrop.
Fruit Forest · Sherbet
Digital art showing an array of characterful neon fruits growing out of a strange blue tree.
Fruit Forest · Seaweed
Watercolour pattern showing a stack of green watermelons piled on top of one another in green.
Sapid Stockpile · Watermelon
Digital painting of purple coloured watermelons with electric blue metallic detailing.
Sapid Stockpile · Eggplant
Watercolour painting of a sky blue watermelon pattern created by Sam Wilde.
Sapid Stockpile · Blue Grape
Pixel art pattern depicting purple strawberries sitting on top of a green checkerboard.
Strawberry Stash · Kiwi
Pixel art pattern of 3D red strawberries sitting on a midnight blue checkerboard.
Strawberry Stash · Red Wine
Pixel art pattern of poisonous green strawberries on top of a yellow and brown checkerboard.
Strawberry Stash · Nougat
Berry Blast · Taffy / Spinach / Blueberry
Pineapple Peel · Star Fruit / Honeycomb / Toothpaste
Melon Meltdown · Gummy Worm / Fruit Cake / Parma Violet
Syrup Splatter · Fig / Apricot / Pepper
Chloroplast Cluster · Creamsicle / Pea / Slushy
Strawberry Skin · Tangerine / Avocado / Lichi
Prickly Pear · Blackcurrant / Lemonade / Elderberry
Papaya Pips · Raspberry / Apple / Snow Cone
Photograph of a bespoke fruity silver patterned wallpaper in a kitchen setting.
Photograph of 3D crystal fruits pattern printed onto a blue cotton fabric.
Photograph of multicoloured berry pattern on cotton fabric.
Bold purple and green pixel art strawberry cushion.