Sam Wilde collaborated with Svenskt Tenn to create the Fruits & Flowers of Eden. Culminating in a collection of hand-painted glass baubles, a tree topper, candle rings, tree ornaments alongside the colourful textile print Hubris Tree.

Irresistibly enticing, bold in colour and bursting with flavour. The Fruits of Eden collection was created in homage to Sweden's most beloved artist Josef Frank. With the Tomato, Lemon, Gooseberry and Orange glass baubles being reimagined versions of fruits from Josef Frank's original patterns.
Warm, sophisticated and elegant. The Flowers of Eden collection is dedicated to the legacy created by the iconic founder of Svenskt Tenn, Estrid Ericson. Drawing inspiration from her love for flower arranging, talent for crafting paper flowers and keen eye for collecting floral ornaments from flea markets.

Fruits of Eden · Muskmelon / Watermelon / Tomato / Lemon
Fruits of Eden · Durian / Pineapple / Gooseberry / Orange
Flowers of Eden · Carnation / Pansy / Allium / Dandelion
Flowers of Eden · Waterlily / Star of Eden / Daffodil / Sunflower
Flowers of Eden · Wisteria / Lavender / Lily / Passionflower
Fruits & Flowers of Eden · Concept Art
Fruits & Flowers of Eden · Product Design