This distorted world magnifies the effects increased flooding events have on some of our planet’s tiniest and most vulnerable creatures. The loss of habitat is worsened still as harsh pesticides and pollutants rise out of the groundwater and become concentrated.

Represented are the likes of Hine’s emerald dragonflies, Christmas Island red crabs, dawn ants, flightless dung beetles and five-horned rhinoceros beetles. Sadly all of these species are now classified as threatened according to the IUCN Red List.
Swept away on lily pads, these insects desperately clamber and cling onto fruits and vegetables from their now distant homeland. Nobody knows quite how long they’ve been stranded on this vast chemical wetland, but it appears as though the bounty they once so treasured has crystallised. All while, hungry koi lurk beneath the murky depths. Swirling underfoot and waiting for the opportune moment to strike these little creatures out of existence.

Repeat pattern of various insects stranded on floating lily pads holding crystal fruits in greens.
Illustration of a green flying stag beetle clinging onto a low-poly giant 3D green pear.
Three crabs holding up a giant crystal squash while stranded on a floating lily pad.
Digital illustration of two dung beetles propping up a glowing orange crystal carrot.
Fruits of Labour · Morass
Repeat pattern of a vast polluted ocean full of floating lily pads, lost insects and crystal fruits.
Digital illustration depicting a bustling neon scene of animals, an oil spill and crystals.
Digital art depicting a dung beetle and a crystal tomato on a lily pad on top of an oil spill.
Illustration of a mischievous neon crab triumphantly holding up a crystal pepper in toxic colours.
Fruits of Labour · Petrochemical
Work-in-progress sketches showing the development of a fruity insect pattern.
Fruits of Labour · WIP Art