The hand-painted Glasshouse ceramics chronicle a mysterious journey through gardens long-forgotten by the hands of time. Taking you through sunlit solariums, gloomy greenhouses, deserted resorts, polluted power-plants and astral observatories.

In ordinary life we are so often protected and kept out of dangers way, but how might we fair if transported to worlds where both light and dark dwell together, where dreams meet with reality.

Like Alice through the looking-glass, Glasshouse is an allegory for overcoming hardships of a real world crisis. It is in these moments of transformation that we become aware of the innate power we each possess. The power to adapt, overcome and evolve.

Hand-painted ceramic of a pink greenhouse scene filled with colourful plant life.
Glasshouse · Arecaceae
Blue hand-painted ceramic plate of an abstract greenhouse scene with tiled pink flooring.
Glasshouse · Rhapis
Hand-painted square ceramic showing a nuclear powerplant overgrown with tropical plant life.
Glasshouse · Poaceae
A hand-painted oblong ceramic dish depicting a vibrant greenhouse scene bursting with plants.
Glasshouse · Monstera
A large hand-painted ceramic plate depicting the outside of a greenhouse in abstract colours.
Glasshouse · Philodendron
A small hand-painted ceramic plate depicting an overgrown greenhouse filled with plants.
Glasshouse · Abies
Hand-painted ceramic of an oil spill inside of an abstract greenhouse with a dull pink sky.
Glasshouse · Vernonia
Hand-painted oval ceramic depicting a pool, orange archways and palm trees in vibrant colours.
Glasshouse · Rhododendron
Hand-painted ceramic showing an abstract world of an overgrown neon garden and domed greenhouse.
Glasshouse · Taraxacum
Hand-painted ceramic showing the inside of a greenhouse in grey, blue and yellow colours.
Glasshouse · Olea
Hand-painted ceramic plate showing a strange world filled with blue, orange and pink mushrooms.
Glasshouse · Amantia
Hand-painted ceramic showing a green toxic nuclear reactor surrounded by mutant plant life.
Glasshouse · Setaria
Hand-painted ceramic plate showing a red sky and wooden multi-colour walkway over an oil spill.
Glasshouse · Liliaceae
Framed watercolour painting of a jungle scene packed with multi-colour plant life.
Glasshouse · Concept Art
Photograph showing work-in-progress drawings and paintings for the Glasshouse ceramics.

Glasshouse · WIP Art