This repeating world depicts the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil from Eve’s perspective in the garden of Eden. The word 'hubris' means to defy the norms of behaviour or challenge the gods, and is meant in an ironic sense, as Eve was inevitably going to bite into fruit that was created with the sole purpose of being irresistibly enticing.

To represent this inherent dualism, both sumptuous and nourishing fruits are intermixed with fruits that are poisonous and even deadly when consumed in large quantities. Further still, this world pays homage to Hawaii. A present day paradise, where sadly over half of the island's native flora has been overrun by invasive species.

Humanity’s arrogance may have irreversibly harmed the paradises here on earth, yet being hubristic might also be our greatest strength. Eve was born into a paradox, a place where she had to abandon her inherent nature and abide by a role that was pre-determined for her. In biting into the fruit, and defying the rules that she had no say in shaping. Eve chose to embody her humanity, and with it, embody the autonomy to make her own choices.

An illustrated pattern of a great tree alive with vibrant fruits and flowers in joyful colours.
Illustration of a tree filled with hand-painted fruits and flowers in bold multi-colours.
Illustration of a giant patterned pineapple in pink, blue, yellow and turquoise colours.
Illustration of a colourful patterned orchid flower surrounded by fruits and foliage against white.
Hubris Tree · Confetti
Highly detailed repeat pattern depicting an endlessly branching tree filled with colourful blooms.
Pattern depicting colourful and eccentric fruit and flower hybrids against a rich green background.
Illustrative pattern showing a vibrant world of branches, flowers, fruits and swirling stems.
Digital illustration of a bizarre tree world filled with colourful patterned fruits and flowers.
Hubris Tree · Evergreen
Photograph of an ornate antique chair upholstered in a vibrant green repeating pattern.