Beauty & Chaos

In January 2023 Sam Wilde collaborated with Liberty once again for their Beauty and Chaos collection. A celebration of nature's nuanced contradictions and an exploration of the themes of healing vs poisonous, wild vs formal and harmony vs discord.
Culminating in the pattern Fruits of Labour and Serpent Swivel (under their respective commercial names Wilde World and Vespertine Chain), printed across sixteen vibrant colourways and onto an array of luxury fabrics bases.
Printed textile pattern showing a watery pond kingdom illustrated by Sam Wilde.
An oil spill themed pattern by Sam Wilde printed onto silk.
Mimic vs Mimicked

The pattern Vespertine Chain plays on the inter-species tension between the mimic and the mimicked. Featuring the highly venomous coral snake endlessly intertwined with its harmless counterpart the milk snake. 
A bite from the coral snake is surprisingly painless, but venom is enough to paralyse a human victim's respiratory system within the hour.

Draped purple fabric with a pattern depicting a chain-link fence made entirely of snakes.
Soft cotton fabric showing the snake-themed pattern Vespertine Chain.