This dark tropical world explores the concept of coevolution, as told through the push and pull of bats and the flowers they pollinate.

Over five hundred plant species depend solely on bats for their propagation. As such, their flowers have evolved signature characteristics to entice in pollinators. Which notably include flowers suspended away from the plant body and pale petals that bloom at nightfall.

Bats are often mistakenly thought to be blind, when in reality their vision is comparable to our own, but limited to the blue-green colour spectrum. Midnight Feast is imagined through the senses of the flying fox. Soaring underneath the jungle canopy, intoxicated by heady nectar as they feast on fermenting fruits.

Digital pattern illustration of colourful neon bats flying around a dark night jungle world.
Illustration of neon bats swirling around a giant purple watermelon against a dark backdrop.
Midnight Feast · Nightshade
Autumnal colourway of the 'Midnight Feast' pattern depicting bats in a lively jungle world.
Digital illustration of night-time jungle pattern featuring a flying bat surrounded by palm leaves.
Midnight Feast · Ripened
Pistachio colourway of an illustrative pattern showing bats flying around a vibrant jungle world.
Digital illustration of a sweet green bat hugging a giant bunch of bananas.
Midnight Feast · Sprout
Cosy bedroom showing illustrative dark patterned wallpaper of bats in a neon jungle world.