Artificial Art

Nvidia teamed up with Sam Wilde to create a virtual paradise in order to showcase their latest Nvidia Canvas software.

The collaboration resulted in a pop-up exhibition hosted by Nvidia in London's Oxford Street. On display were ten landscape canvas created by Sam using the software, as well as a space for members of the public to create their own virtual worlds.

Sam Wilde smiling while standing next to a canvas created using AI software.
Augmented Exhibition

The technology has the capability to seamlessly create imagined landscapes using AI to augment photorealistic images of planet Earth. And becomes a powerful creative tool when imagined through the lens of an artist.

The event facilitated an open and thought-provoking dialogue around the ethicises of AI Art as well as their future within the broader landscape the creative economy.

Canvases depicting AI art created by Sam Wilde in an gallery context.
Three canvases depicting AI art standing on black easels.