The gentle pangolin has sadly become the most illegally trafficked animal of the past decade, with the IUCN listing all eight species under the threat of extinction.

The plight of the pangolin is highlighted in this repeating world through a metaphorical game of Snakes & Ladders. With pangolin mothers desperately clambering their way through precarious terrain and across rickety bridges, whilst the next generation scrambles to cling on.

At its core this bold world is interconnected by fireworks of foliage exploding out of giant floating fruits, disguising the subversive tone under a carnivalesque atmosphere.

Repeat pattern of the print 'Precarious Pangolins' showing a rich jungle world filled with fruits.
Illustration of a green pangolin cowering next to a menacing pink snake on a rickety bridge.
Precarious Pangolins · Carnival
Illustration of an off-white wallpaper showing a jungle filled with green snakes and pangolins.
Digital illustration of pangolins clambering around a vibrant jungle world against a white backdrop.
Precarious Pangolins · Tropic
Dark navy tropical jungle wallpaper with a floating pineapple, pangolins and giant leaves.
Digital illustration of pangolins walking across a rickety bridge in a night time jungle world.
Precarious Pangolins · Nightfall
Precarious Pangolins wallpaper depicting a jungle scene on the walls of a dining room.
Various concept art illustrations of characterful green pangolins by Sam Wilde.
Precarious Pangolins · Concept Art
Four cute animation cycles of a cartoon pangolin walking, climbing, running and rolling.
Precarious Pangolins · WIP Animation