Derived from the words 'scrawl' and 'crawlies', Scrawlies is a concept franchise set in a post-nuclear apocalypse world.
Rich in lore, Scrawlies imagines a future where synthetic pollutants have seeped into the DNA of organic lifeforms and irreversibly altered their genomes. Resulting in an eclectic cast of characters, each more peculiar and eccentric than the last.

Follow the Scrawlies as they journey through a petrochemical wasteland in search of a new beginning. Rumour has it, hidden within each of the radioactive fruits lies the key to unlocking their homeland.

Detailed digital illustration depicting a parade cute animals characters in a neon ocean world.
Scrawlies · Key Art
Illustration of a cute plump yellow frog struggling to hold a giant pomegranate on its back.
Plumpit · Exiled from their family unit, Plumpit have few survival skills and a body that’s ill-equipped to deal with much beyond languishing around. They tend to struggle through life.
Illustration of friendly little beetle tapping it's toes while sitting on top of a sliced lemon.
Tiptap · As wise as they are cute. Tiptap are heralded for their masterful tactician skills during times of strife. In happier times, they love to tap their feet and put on little dance shows for their friends.
Illustration of a timid raccoon clutching onto a giant striped watermelon all in gold colours.
Clutchoon · Behind the blank stare of a Clutchoon lies the mind of a conniving hoarder. Where they’ll do anything and everything within their power to amass as much loot as their greedy little paws can carry.
Illustration of a struggling starfish trying its best to hold up a heavy giant blue strawberry.
Staruggle · Staruggle are focused solely on their mission. As to what exactly that mission is, nobody is quite sure. Either way, it seems to be of the utmost importance and their continued perseverance in the face of adversity is admirable.
Illustration of a kawaii spiky sea urchin resting on top of a sliced fruit in neon greens and blues.
Prickal · The shell of a Prickal is so hard that it can withstand a blast from a nuclear bomb. They quietly emerge in the dead of the night to filter feed on contaminated water while gazing at the starry sky above.
Illustration of a super cute polar bear-seal hybrid reaching out its arms for a big hug in pastels.
Polarus · A hug from a Polarus is so comforting that you’ll soon be lulled into a deep and peaceful sleep. Upon awakening you’ll find yourself abandoned and stripped of your earthly possessions.
Illustration of a peculiar purple woodlouse emitting a strange psychic aura while hugging a melon.
Hypnolouse · If you bring a Hypnolouse a spiral-shaped gift they’ll excitedly undulate the colourful markings on their bodies in gratitude. Wait a while longer, and they’ll soon emit a powerful hallucinogenic aura.
Illustration of a miniature hammerhead shark trying to balance on top of a wobbly round watermelon.
Mantahead · Mantahead have a great deal of trouble maintaining balance on account of their rotund bodies. This leads them to feel perpetually seasick.
Illustration of a chilled out gecko with a long stripy tongue carrying a giant green strawberry.
Toxecko · Toxecko sweep their long tongues across the floor as they scour the environment for pollutants. Carefully scoping out areas dense in radiation before returning to the troop with their assessment.
Illustration of a mischievous artic fox crossed with a tanuki clutching its belly and sniggering.
Sniggsnarl · Sniggsnarl first appeared after the Great Melting of the polar ice caps, and ever since, there's been tension in the air. The feeling that, somewhere, just out of the sight, a Sniggsnarl is lurking in the shadows.
Illustration of a cute flying squirrel wearing a red mask sticking out its tongue in blue colours.
Pipounce · Pipounce love nothing more than surprising unsuspecting bystanders by pouncing onto their backs and licking their necks.
Illustration of a very sad and dejected blob fish feeling sorry for itself on top of a durian.
Sclob · Sclob live out their days feeling ever so sorry for themselves. As the saying goes, “if ever you happen across a Sclob with a sunny disposition, then you haven’t happened across a Sclob”.
Illustration of an irritated sea bird squawking and making loud noises carrying a giant strawberry.
Yawpcaw · Infant Yawpcaw are rather angelic and docile little creatures. It's only in later life that they take to screeching and scurrying around as their preferred pastime.
Illustration of a robot bunny that's split in half and is now held together by a snug waistcoat.
Splitumn · Splitumn are exceptionally friendly and intrinsically attuned to the needs of others. They are able to detect distress calls from miles away, and no matter how dangerous the terrain, will hop all the way to the rescue.
Illustration of a hyperactive blue pangolin jumping in the air proudly holding up a giant squash.
Pangopang · Pangopang are filled with an excess of energy, constantly zipping from one adventure to the next. They’d need to live their lives five times over to complete all of the tasks they've set for themselves.
Illustration of a lazy stack of frogs piled on top of each other cutely sticking out their tongues.
Croakheap · Croakheap have difficulty making decisions due to their lackadaisical disposition and absence of leadership. As such, they tend to muddle their way through life with a general apathy as to where they’re going.
Illustration of a cute and stressed out caterpillar struggling to hold up a giant sliced fruit.
Grubbapillar · Grubbapillar share in the unfortunate disposition of being both squishy and clumsy. It is said that the few Grubbapillar who make it to adulthood will undergo a miraculous transformation.
Illustration of a calm warthog with long tusks balancing on its front hooves while holding still.
Acrohog · Acrohog can hold perfectly still for hours on end. Nobody quite knows why they do this, but some believe the habit arose as a peaceful alternative to traditional displays of strength.
Illustration of an handsome and proud owl posing while it leans against spiky fruit in neon colours.
Hoothunch · Hoothunch undertake years of rigorous academic research before graduating into adulthood. Yet despite this grandeur, at their core each retains a child-like innocence and love for horticulture.
Illustration of a proud lion with green lips and a bright pink mane holding up a pineapple.
Roarkus · The ancestors of Roarkus were once revered by a long-forgotten civilization. Nowadays they're looked up to as leaders on account of their dependable nature and aptitude for navigation.
Illustration of a dashing red crab with moustache looking worried while holding a pineapple.
Fisticrust · Fisticrust are jittery by their nature, ready to challenge others to a duel at the drop of a hat. The trouble is, nobody particularly wants to fight them. They’re simply too cute to wilfully injure.
Illustration of a majestic legendary bird holding onto a pineapple while soaring in the air.
Swoopsoar · Swoopsoar spend their long lifespan soaring high in the atmosphere. Only landing to the ground once every century. Those lucky enough to witness such an auspicious sight are said to be blessed with good fortune.
Illustration of a cool green crocodile with a huge melon wedged in its open mouth.
Cloakodile · Steeped in mystery, Cloakodile are notoriously tricky to spot. Spending their days submerged beneath the Ancient Oil Spill, skulking about the depths in search of undiscovered technology.
Illustration of a strange toxic gargoyle mixed with a flying fox blowing neon orange bubbles.
Germgoyle · As Germgoyle go about their day they soak up radiation from the atmosphere and transmute it into their bodies. The blood of Germgoyle is in fact so rich in radioactive toxins that they glow a sickly luminous colour.
Illustration of a sly purple scorpion with a spiky fruit on its back in front of a tiled backdrop.
Pinchpion · Both gentle and highly venomous, Pinchpion live high up in the Waste Heaps in total solitude. So fearful are Pinchpion of hurting others, that they do their utmost to avoid contact all together.
Illustration of a cheeky pink and green dragon with a big smiling grin on its face hugging a fruit.
Draconicus · Draconicus are so rare that for many centuries they were believed to have never existed at all. Rumour has it they re-emerged from an abandoned archaeological site after the Great Nuclear Fallout.
Graphic design of the 'Scrawlies' logo surrounded by vibrant fruits in front of a checkerboard.
Scrawlies · Logo Art
Digital illustration of a strange Japanese apartment with animal characters sipping nuclear tea.
Scrawlies · Promotional Art
Character designs based on an elephant, spider, porcupine, chameleon, slug and kangaroo.
Character designs based on a lizard, snake, opossum, cat, sheep, bee, penguin and pig.
Character designs based on a tapir, octopus, rabbit, dodo, beetle, hedgehog, bat and squid.
Scrawlies · Concept Art
Scrawlies · Line Art