A Winter's Bloom

Sam Wilde collaborated with Svenskt Tenn once again in November 2020 to create Flowers of Eden, an accompaniment to the record-breaking Fruits of Eden collection that debuted a year prior.
Like clusters of flowers blooming in a snowy field, the theme of this collection offers a moment of Christmas respite. A time to stop, breathe and smell the flowers. Filling our hearts with the collective knowledge that we too have the resilience to persevere, grow and flourish.

Sam Wilde wearing a crushed velvet silver suit sitting in a patterned arm chair.
Flowers of Eden

Warm, sophisticated and elegant. The Flowers of Eden collection is dedicated to the legacy created by the iconic founder of Svenskt Tenn, Estrid Ericson. Drawing inspiration from her love for flower arranging, talent for crafting paper flowers and keen eye for collecting floral ornaments from flea markets.
Just like Estrid herself, this assortment of floral garments meld both chic and timeless design with a relaxed playfulness. The five variants are based on real flowers, namely the Allium, Carnation, Dandelion, Pansy and Waterlily. Drape the Christmas tree with flowery baubles and carve out your own little corner of flowery paradise this winter.

Svenskt Tenn store at Christmas time showing glass fruit and flower baubles designed by Sam Wilde.
Flowers of Eden hand-painted Christmas baubles designed by Sam Wilde for Svenskt Tenn.
Daffodil Candlering

As the first flower to bloom in spring, the Daffodil represents hope after a period of scarcity. In Welsh mythology it’s even believed that the first person to find a daffodil in spring will be blessed with a gift of gold. This uplifting flower most certainly is an omen of good fortune for all.

Daffodil brass candle ring designed by Sam Wilde next to a bouquet of flowers at Svenskt Tenn.
Product image of the brass daffodil candle ring designed by Sam Wilde.