Bubble gum Barbie

For Pride Month 2024 Sam Wilde teamed up with drag icon Trixie Mattel and illustrated a personalised fine art pattern inspired by some of Trixie's most memorable hairstyles.
Taking the theme of broken barbie dolls and placing them inside of Trixie's world, Sam whipped up a cacophony of perfectly coiffed hair and pristine powered faces and created the pattern Figurative Figurine.

An illustrated pattern printed onto silk featuring drag queen Trixie Mattel.
A photograph of drag queen Trixie Mattel wearing a custom dress featuring a Sam Wilde pattern.

During the development Sam made a selection of 1960's inspired colourways to tie into Trixie's branding, before printing the final outcome onto a luxurious silk satin base.
To round-out the collaboration Sam sketched a series of fashion illustrations inspired by couture garments of the 1960's era reimagined with an edge of high-camp absurdism.

A vibrate blue Trixie Mattel pattern illustrated by textile artist Sam Wilde.
A photograph documenting fashion illustrations drawn by Sam Wilde for a collaboration with Trixie Mattel.