The Flow of Time

In May 2021 Sam Wilde partnered with Zoffany for a second time to debut Fuubutsushi River, under it's commercial name Eastern Palace, as luxury wallcoverings and exquisite interiors fabrics.
With a Baccalaureate in Natural Sciences and a reverence for the cultural heritage of Japan, Sam’s artwork chronologies the country’s four main islands, sequentially represented by the four seasons.

A grand interiors shot of Eastern Palace wallpaper as part of a Zoffany photoshoot.
Through The Seasons

The endless river that weaves through the world serves as a metaphor for the transitions that come with the flow of time.
Whether that’s moving to a new area, falling in love or even letting go of the past. Each transition brings with it transformation, and each of these transformations has its own unique beauty, just like the seasons.

Huge windows in a beautiful stately home featuring draped curtains with the Eastern Palace pattern from Zoffany.
Kingdoms in the Stream

Embodying the theme of Edo mysticism, Fuubutsushi River intertwines Japan's rich natural history with local folkloric traditions. Evoking a sense of liminality within the scene that sits somewhere between reality and surrealism.
Tying the world together further are the nuanced details hidden throughout. The pocket of lilies that grow only beneath the bridge between summer and autumn, the flags that flutter with the Eastern wind and the shimenawa ropes decorated with paper streamers that bind the shrines and indicate that mischievous spirits resides within them.

Close-up shot of the Eastern Palace wallpaper from Zoffany next to white ornaments on shelves.